Getting Started

After being in the private home care business for three years at the original location on South Maple Street in Vergennes, the Ringers decided to become a licensed level III Residential Home Care.  In 2001 a new home was built at 195 Green Street.  The new home was improved by incorperating better handicapped accessability by designing  larger hallways, doors,and rooms for ease of movement of the residents . Also they installed an alarms system and security cameras that meet  Vermont's Labor & Industries building codes.  A state of the art sprinkler and fire alarm systems were added to assure the safety of our residents and staff.

The  goal was to build a home that was large enough to be comfortable and easily accessable, yet small enough for the one on one care that was the Ringers ultimate goal for the new home.  The home was carefully designed and built with that in mind.
Our Staff

We maintain a friendly, caring and respectful staff in place 24/7 to assist our residents.  Our staff is well trained in recognizing signs and symptoms of medical problems, chronic and acute, and are able to  convey this information to the nurse or doctor for treatment.  We also have two staff members that have Emergency Medical Technician training which helps us to deal with acute medical problems and assist our local rescue squad when needed.  We are also able to provide palutive care and incorporate a team approach with Addison County Home Health and Hospice as needed.

RHC provides the staff with a detailed procedure for medication management and requires its staff to complete a yearly training program.

We also offer planned group and individual activities that range from our Monday afternoon book club, Wednesday morning yoga, and Friday music hour to mention a few.  We have to activities aides that come in 3 days per week to assist us with walks and outings. We also encourage and assist our residents to go outside to enjoy the gardens and wildlife as the weather allows.
The pond on the north side of the home is a beautiful get-away for the residents and family.  In the summer months it is a regular event to feed the goldfish,watch the frogs play in and out of the pond lilies that bloom from June thru August and watch the turtles like the one on this log.
Flowers, flowers everywhere
Ringer's Home Care
195 Green Street
Vergennes, VT  05491