It has been a busy spring here at Ringer's. 

We have made a new south-western garden after a trip to Tucson, AZ.  Lots of cactus and succulents have been planted inside a stone wall built by our neighbor, Roger.   Sue, who is a gardener by trade and is also our neighbor, spends alot of time helping us maintain the beautiful gardens.
We have made the vegetable garden much bigger than last year.  It contains tomatoes, several different types of peppers, carrots, beets, green and yellow beans, cucumbers, several types of squash, radishes, lettuce, and on and on.  The new vegetable in the garden this year is asparagus.  It takes 3 years before we can harvest, but it will be well worth the wait.
Our strawberry patch, that we planted last year, is going full guns.  We are eating all kinds of strawberry pies, cakes and crisps.  We are also freezing the over-flow to eat during the long winter months.
The residents are encouraged to come out to the garden and help if they can or just watch from the bench at the edge of the garden.

Many new plants have arrived at our pond as well as a turtle or two.  The Hobbit House has been re-built after last years Hurricane Irene and gets a chuckle from everyone who sees it.
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